Ansi is a goddess of life and death, praised by many but worshipped by few. It is believed that she is the creator of life in this world, but is not the grand creator of all life. She watches over the world to ensure that the forces of nature run their proper course. Unlike many other deities, Ansi has been known to show herself physically in the presence of humans.

In AL 836, Ansi appeared before a boy named Seth and warned him of an impending disaster. She implored his help, but he refused, believing her to be an apparition of demonic origin. Two years later, Seth began to realize that he had great magical powers, as well as the ability to read the thoughts of monsters. After studying monsters for a short while, Seth returned to his family to relay his profound discoveries. As he opened his mouth to speak, Ansi appeared in front of him and burned him to death.

Since that incident, there has been no recorded sighting of Ansi speaking to humans. It is believed that she is fighting to restore balance to the monster-infested world.

Monster AnalysisEdit


HP 5000

SP 10

MP 400

Str 60 Vit 20 Agi 10 Int 180 Wil 60

Attack Damage: 144

Attacks per Second: 0.625

DPS: 90

Attack Element: Physical

Move Speed: +1 (114%)

Aggression: 1%

Damage Reduction (Armor): 0

Total Weapon Evasion (Guard, Dodge, or Parry): 9%


Base Magic Damage: 906

Casting Speed: 100%

Cast Frequency: 70%

Interrupt Resistance: 99%

Stun Rate: 0%

Critical Rate: 1% Attack, 1% Skill


Magic ResistanceEdit

40% Fire Magic Resistance

40% Lightning Magic Resistance

40% Ice Magic Resistance

-8% Poison Magic Resistance

100% Light Magic Resistance

100% Dark Magic Resistance

88% Debuff Resistance

10% Reflect Negative

Weapon ResistanceEdit

10% Physical Weapon Resistance

10% Fire Weapon Resistance

10% Lightning Weapon Resistance

10% Ice Weapon Resistance

-8% Poison Weapon Resistance