The Manastorm is a phenomenon which is currently being studied. It appears as a dark void with luminescent particles traveling through it. The Manastorm rejects living beings as though by magnetic force, thus it cannot be entered. It once slowly expanded over the world, enshrouding everything in its wake, but it has recently become stagnant after its power was drained by the Crimson Queen.

Once found in the main Manastorm cloud, the natural flow of weather had been halted, and night time was no darker than daylight. Research was being conducted primarily from the town of Erasmis, which was constructed over the ocean, along what was once the border of the main Manastorm cloud. The Manastorm had since expanded to encapsulate the town, and at the turn of the Third Era, the town disappeared. It is theorized, with some evidence, that the Manastorm has the ability to consume portions of a world and carry them to another dimension.