Beginning in AC 6, a new type of adventurer appeared, calling themselves Mavericks. They do not appear to conform to any known class, with individuals exhibiting abilities from three or more of the greater classes in every recorded case. This was previously thought to be impossible for humans. Researching them is difficult as they tend to avoid populated areas, and are displeasing to look at for prolonged periods due to their strange fashion sense.

Also of note is a man from Lyrin named Inutar. In the year AL 834 he was afflicted with an illness which drove him mad. Witnesses say that his skin grew scales, he became increasingly withdrawn, and he often spoke unintelligibly. During his more lucid moments he referred to himself as the 'Maverick Lord'. For a time he was cared for in Lyrin, with the help of the monks of Beriata (q.v.), but in the year AL 833, in the aftermath of the Beriata Massacre, he escaped. He has not been seen since. Whether or not he is connected to the Mavericks is unknown.

Recent rumors have surfaced that Mavericks have some connection to Zeygram. The stories vary--some say they are his agents, some say that their existence heralds his return, some say they are unwitting pawns in some scheme of his. Each of the two times that Zeygram was released from the underworld, it has been by the hands of a Maverick.