Morgaine's name is now praised as that of a hero. Born in the town of Norwood, her potential was recognized at a young age, and she underwent self-imposed training to fight the monsters which had just recently started to infest the world. Only a few years into her training, she was abducted from Norwood by three shrouded figures who are now known to have been Nefaros, Beledim the Lightbringer, and the Skeletal Wizard. These three are known to have all once been human, and to have become monsters by the sheer force of their will. The abductors harmed nobody except Chadis, the one man who attempted to save Morgaine. It is recalled that Morgaine herself did not attempt to resist.

Morgaine was not heard from again until the end of the Second Era, when Zeygram was released from the underworld. The heroes of the world could not defeat Zeygram with their combined power, and a sorcerer known as Cherry pleaded for help from Morgaine despite not having been able to find her. Cherry reported hearing a girl's voice whisper softly in her ear, followed by a moment of absolute silence. It is believed that Morgaine's spirit then initated a call to heroes in order to seal Zeygram back into his prison. Many heroes sacrificed their very lives for this cause, and Zeygram was once again sealed beneath the earth. With this act, the Third Era was born.

Morgaine was saught for help upon Zeygram's second release in the Final Era, but there was no response.


Morgaine (Level 14)
HP 440  SP 26  MP 55
Str 10  Vit 6  Agi 14  Int 16  Wil 21

Attack Damage: 33
Attacks per Second: 0.675
Attack Element: Physical
DPS: 22.3

Base Magic Damage: 106
Casting Speed: 100%
Cast Frequency: 0%
Interrupt Resistance: 10%

Critical Rate: 1% Attack, 1% Skill

Damage Reduction (Armor): 0

7% Total Weapon Evasion (Guard, Dodge, or Parry)
3% Physical Weapon Resistance
3% Fire Weapon Resistance
3% Lightning Weapon Resistance
3% Ice Weapon Resistance
3% Poison Weapon Resistance

14% Fire Magic Resistance
14% Lightning Magic Resistance
14% Ice Magic Resistance
3% Poison Magic Resistance
14% Light Magic Resistance
14% Dark Magic Resistance
14% Debuff Resistance

Move Speed: 0  (100%)
Aggression: 0%


Morgaine has the ability to change the weather and accelerate time as well as provide a physical barrier which remains to not be penetrable when up. (Armor +16, Physical Resistance +100%)