Here you will find the Midi based soundtrack of StolenLands. It was composed by Alturos, and consists of 12 songs.

Journey Is a song featured in several open fields. It is also the first song written for StolenLands.
Oddly Eccentric Is a song written for Morestine University.
Hope For Peace Is the song written for Towns.
Fields of Adventure Is a song featured on many of the open fields.
Spooky Wood Is the song played in the Haunted Forest.
Here Goes This is the main Battle song.
Still Going Is the song used for Boss Fights.
Epic Is the short song loop used for fights with Zeygram. It's also the last song written for StolenLands.
Idlin Is a song used in some of the lighter dungeons.
The Bricks is one of the songs used for Dungeons.
Anyone There? Is another song used primarily for dungeons. (Rendered Version)
Into Arms of Fate Is the song written for the Arms of Fate area. (Rendered Version)

Darkness Unknown (The ManaStorm) is a short loop that was created using a beepmap with an image of the world map as the seed. It was created to be used as a song for the Manastorm and was used during the end of the Final Era as Zeygram was erasing human consciousness.