Nefaros is one of the few recorded incidents of a human becoming a monster far before the Age of Chaos. He was known as Sothriam from the years of AL 624 to AL 659, when he was a knight in the Smotanian Military. He was known for his prowess in combat, making measured strikes which would often fell foes in a single blow. He was known also for his arrogance and occasional disobedience to the knights' code, for which he was expelled one year prior to his transformation.

It is said that Sothriam became a monster by the sheer force of his own hatred and desire for power, but it has not been proven that this is possible. His transformation was sudden, and witnessed by the townspeople of Smotania, many of whom he then slew before declaring his new name of Nefaros.

Nefaros has since been seen challenging those who boast of their power. He is an expert hunter and seems to be able to track down a foe anywhere in the world, though he does not often attack anyone but his target. He seems immune to the effects of aging, and death in combat is only temporary for him, as his presence has been seen to be constant despite his losses in combat.

Recently, he has become part of a triad being known as the Crimson Queen.