The Persona Guardian is a humanoid being first spotted in the Third Era. It has been seen only rarely, and it does not seem content to stay in any one area for long. Though it is always seen carrying weapons, there are no reports of this being initiating battle with anything. The Persona Guardian was first seen during a ceremony which took place at the Hall of Honor in order to strengthen the barriers which protect towns from monsters. The Persona Guardian spoke when it appeared, shouting for the whole world to hear that the human spirit must never die, and that the proof of the influence of heroes lives on within itself.

Monster AnalysisEdit


persona guardian (Level 30)
HP 5000  SP 50  MP 50
Str 50  Vit 50  Agi 50  Int 50  Wil 50

Attack Damage: 86
Attacks per Second: 1.125
Attack Element: Physical
DPS: 96.7
Stun Rate: 2%

Base Magic Damage: 240
Casting Speed: 100%
Cast Frequency: 8%
Interrupt Resistance: 96%

Critical Rate: 1% Attack, 1% Skill

Damage Reduction (Armor): 20

28% Total Weapon Evasion (Guard, Dodge, or Parry)
48% Physical Weapon Resistance
54% Fire Weapon Resistance
28% Lightning Weapon Resistance
42% Ice Weapon Resistance
35% Poison Weapon Resistance
2% Counter Attack

53% Fire Magic Resistance
27% Lightning Magic Resistance
40% Ice Magic Resistance
25% Poison Magic Resistance
100% Light Magic Resistance
100% Dark Magic Resistance
33% Debuff Resistance

Move Speed: +1  (114%)
Aggression: 0%