The Crimson Queen is a triad being, formed by the merging of three monsters: Nefaros, Beledim the Lightbringer, and the Skeletal Wizard. These three are known to have once been human, under the names of Sothriam, Medda, and Calpha, respectively.

At the end of the Second Era, the three beings merged by siphoning the power of the Manastorm. Further information about the Crimson Queen remains to be found

Monster AnalysisEdit


Level 65

HP 200,000

SP 400

MP 600

Str 225 Vit 85 Agi 2 Int 125 Wil 80

Attack Damage: 413

Attacks per Second: 0.525

DPS: 216.8

Attack Element: Neutral

Move Speed: -2 (80%)

Aggression: 80%

Damage Reduction (Armor): 0

Total Weapon Evasion (Guard, Dodge, or Parry): 26%


Base Magic Damage: 712

Casting Speed: 100%

Cast Frequency: 30%

Interrupt Resistance: 98%

Counter Attack: 10%

Critical Rate: 1% Attack, 1% Skill


Magic ResistanceEdit

65% Fire Magic Resistance

58% Lightning Magic Resistance

39% Ice Magic Resistance

71% Poison Magic Resistance

53% Light Magic Resistance

100% Dark Magic Resistance

53% Debuff Resistance

3% Reflect Negative

Weapon ResistanceEdit

42% Physical Weapon Resistance

57% Fire Weapon Resistance

48% Lightning Weapon Resistance

25% Ice Weapon Resistance

71% Poison Weapon Resistance